Cómo lograr la afeitada perfecta

Cómo lograr la afeitada perfecta

Hay varios pasos para un verdadero afeitado tradicional, que algunos hombres siguen hasta la camiseta, mientras que otros lo remezclan a su propio gusto.

Con el tiempo, usted escogerá lo que más le convenga, pero para empezar, aquí tiene la forma más fácil y segura de iniciarse.

Begin by applying a warm towel or taking a shower to soften the hair and skin.

Some men find applying a pre-shave oil or lotion to be helpful in creating a super slick face before the cream starts flying.

Form a lather on a shaving soap or traditional cream in a bowl, mug or directly on the face with a shaving brush. This not only creates great lather, but it lifts the hairs of the face to provide that super close shave.

Many men find that doing multiple passes with a safety razor or straight razor and applying cream between the passes is ideal. It is best to go with the grain, across the grain, and finally, against the grain if your skin is not overly sensitive.

Finish off the shave with a nice cool rinse to clean off any excess cream, and then apply an aftershave. If you really want to smell great all day, add a little cologne

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